APBY Regional Leadership Conference, Kathmandu-Nepal Testimonies


I, on behalf of Manipur Baptist Convention Youth Department, congratulate APBY President, Rev. Vee and his leadership team for the successful conference held in Nepal from November 3 -6, 2011. Their sacrifices and passion for the Lord definitely allowed many youth to enjoy the favour of the Lord and the sweet fellowship of brethren coming from different conventions, experiencing God's grace and joy of oneness in Christ. Praise and glory to God and thankful in Christ. Praise and glory to God and thankful to Rev. Vee and his team for such a platform where we all can share the joy of salvation.

It was quite a surprise scene to see the growth of the Nepal Baptist Youth Fellowship being able to manage the APBY Regional Conference at Kathmandu successfully. My reading and observation on the overall program of the conference was "Super" in the context of strength and resources of Nepal Baptist Convention. I do appreciate the spirit of service and the hospitality extended by the host. The simple way of arrangement and the best effort from the host under the supervision of the concerned APBY leaders served all the delegates well; definitely delegates were so blessed with the sharing of the Word and different issues presented by the resources persons.

My sincere prayer is that APBY may find possible means to organise more seminars and consultations to strengthen our youth ministries preparing ourselves to face the challenges with sound doctrine so that we may be fully equipped to lead the present generation and the next. Let us establish the Kingdom of God through our lives here on earth.

Rev. Mathotmi Vasha
Youth Secretary, Manipur Baptist Convention

It was wonderful to meet you and the other speakers on this email along with many youth leaders from various parts of Asia. Great memories to cherish back here in New Zealand.

Murray Brown

Thank you also for inviting us and giving us a chance to serve and fellowship together. I pray that God will continue to use you personally and APBY in general, to further equip His people to be a better disciple for Him.

Ardi Wiridianata

First of all I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to APBY leadership to invite me to conduct a workshop and partake in the APBY regional leadership training at Kathmandu, Nepal. I deeply appreciate the strategic plan to empower the local leadership by the APBY including subjects covered in the leadership training and resource persons invited with much experience will have lasting impact.

Secondly, the international exposure to greater number of youths, who possibly would not have been able to attend a conference in distance, got the opportunity to attend it in their own place or in the next neighbourhood, which was also a learning experience. Moreover, organising leadership training in a country like Nepal, where Christianity is just for a generation or two is need of the hour. My only concern for Nepal is the banner of the Lord may shine in the country where there are strong forces of spiritual darkness.

Rev. Samaresh Nayak
President, Baptist Youth Front of India