Baptist Youth World Conference 2013, Singapore Testimonies


Being able to choreograph for an event like the Baptist World Youth Conference has been a wonderful privilege for us. It allowed us to unite Christian dancers from different denominations and backgrounds to dance together for the Lord, and to also work with artists from different disciplines (music composer, script writers, actors etc). The journey was not an easy one and involved months of technical training for the dancers, constantly modifying choreography to evolve with the skit story line, designing costumes and background multimedia and roping in people with a range of expertise to make the props that we required.

However, when all the different elements were really woven together on the performance day, it was worth it all. To be able to glorify God through the creative arts was our goal, and yet to see how He worked throughout this project - evident in the tireless dedication of different people involved - was the thing that gave us the deepest satisfaction. This had been a great adventure for us! We had a great time getting to know new dancers who love dance and love God as much as we do! We pray that in some way, the dancers have been touched by the process of creating this dance, as much as we have. We earnestly look forward to the next time we get to work with fellow Christians again!

Angie & Deniece
Dance Choreographers

Last year definitely passed by fast! I will always remember the time I participated in the Baptist World Youth Conference 2013 held in Singapore. After weeks and weeks of rehearsals, the day of the performance really came. We still could not believe that we would be performing for people from all over the globe. After makeup, I walked around in a gigantic red headgear and costume. For a thirteen year old, it was a rather fun experience! In less than 30 minutes, the convention hall was packed and our opening night performance began.

As the performance ended and we proceeded backstage, I felt so honored to be part of this production. It was a great opportunity to be able to showcase a part of Singpore history to an international audience. After that, we all got to enjoy the other performances and listen to inspirational speakers. So in conclusion, what is the Baptist World Youth Conference? Well to me, it is an experience that makes you feel connected and one with God, no matter what your role is. Praising God with other people from miles away gave me an uplifting experience that I will never forget! I would like to thank all the organizers and people who played a part in putting this event together. It has become a moment in my life that I will look back on with joy years from now.

Rebecca Fong
Opening Night Act Performer


I was part of the worship team during the conference. We were a diverse bunch of musicians hailing from Germany, Thailand, Japan, India, Malaysia and Singapore. That however, did not serve to disadvantage us in worshiping
God wholeheartedly and in my opinion, only added to the awe of God’s glory through worship. Here were people tired from bus rides, train rides and plane rides, but still giving their 100% during practice and the actual sets because they knew Who they were doing this for and that it was all worth it. The hours were tough and demanding but it opened my eyes to God’s gifts to every tongue, tribe and nation. The language of worship to God is one and the same. This was apparent when we got to see all of God’s people worshiping together during the conference itself - joining in song, declaring His majesty and giving Him the praise He deserves. To behold this was truly a blessing and a joy. Being part of the worship team was both an honor and a privilege I had not imagined for myself. Being part of the bigger picture, of a grander plan at work around the world was truly humbling.

Jonadab Phua
Support Singer / Guitarist of the International Worship Team

The World Baptist Youth Alliance Conference held last year at Suntec City was one of the most memorable Baptist events ever held in Singapore. Many Baptist churches were roped in to serve in various roles like administration, registration, logistics, transportation, accommodation, programme planning, security, ushering and many more.

I was involved in the opening presentation on the rst night of the conference. We were given 30 minutes to showcase Singapore. Being the host of the conference, we were privileged to share with all the delegates, especially those who were here for the first time, the story of Singapore.

We began our recruitment by sounding out Baptist churches. This was probably the most challenging thing for us as many were committed to their own church activities and were not able to avail more time to be involved in this. As such, some volunteers had to double up on their roles.

As time was running short, we had to pray and trust God to help us in this recruitment exercise. Nevertheless, we thank God for the group of people we had, most of whom were from New Life Baptist Church. They rallied and played a big part in this presentation. We had 2 to 3 months of rehearsals and when the big day drew near, there were still logistics especially the stage props - that were unfinished. But by God’s grace we managed to get them all built and ready for the final rehearsal at Suntec City. There was one more thing that was still not ready though - the visuals to be projected on the screen to support and set the tone for the presentation. It was not until the opening day, with barely an hour to the opening ceremony, that the visuals were really done! Everything came together well and we received very encouraging and positive feedback from the audience. Overall, it was an enriching experience (although it cost us some hair and sleep!). Through this event, I got to know some people really well.

Certainly there are many areas we can improve on but the important thing is that we must and joy in serving and encouragement in giving.

Chew Kim Yong
Local Organising Committee for Opening Act